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$80 - Concession Season Pass

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Saturday Lunch Boxes - provided by Maggie & Kate's Cafe - $18 (bookings essential)

fresh filled roll, piece of fruit, two small pieces of slice and a mini savoury muffin (vegetarian & GF option available)

Dinner at Pig & Goose - Saturday 25  May 6pm-745pm - 2 courses, 1 glass of wine - $65 (bookings essential)

(menu choices will be offered during lunch)


Scheduled List of Films

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ALL THESE CREATURES | 13min, Unclassified, Drama, Australia, English Language

Winner 2018 Cannes Film Festival Palme D’or Best Short Film

A story about a 13 year old boy trying to piece together an image of his destructive father whilst coming to terms with his own fears about what sort of man he will become.

FRI 24 MAY 730PM

TERROR NULLIUS | 55min, MA15+, Comedy, Australia, English Language

A political revenge fable, part political satire, eco-horror and road movie.  It’s a bold mix of ideas and characters from every imaginable background.  Held together by an irreverent sense of humour, it thumbs its nose at authority.

‘this 55min mash-up film might just be the greatest bloody thing to come out of Australia since Chris Hemsworth & the cheesymite scroll’ - FILMINK.COM.AU


STUDIO 54 THE DOCUMENTARY | 98min, M, Documentary, USA, English Language

In 1977, New York night club Studio 54 opened its doors. Frequented by celebrity guests, the club became the place to be. A look underneath the glitz and glamour of New York's most famous club.

‘a fascinating documentary with all the thrill of being there with none of the hangover’ – EMPIREONLINE.COM


CAPERNAUM | 126min, R, Drama, Lebanon, English Subtitles

Winner 2018 Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize

After running away from his negligent parents, committing a violent crime and being sentenced to five years in jail, a hardened, streetwise 12-year-old Lebanese boy sues his parents in protest of the life they have given him.

‘The sorrow inherent in this tale would be unbearable without the film's flashes of humour & performances by a cast of non-professionals which are moving beyond measure’ – ROLLING STONE

SAT 25 MAY 1145AM

DANCING THE INVISIBLE | 78min, Documentary, Australia, English Language

Winner 2017 Adelaide Film Festival Audience Award Best Documentary

Jill Bilcock has been editing films for over thirty years. Many of Australia’s best and most iconic films have been carefully spliced together by this living legend of the local industry.

‘After watching this you can only admire her work ethic as well as her accomplishments’ - THEBLURB.COM.AU


SUMMER 1993 | 113min, M, Drama, Spain, English Subtitles

Winner Best First Film 2017 Berlin International Film Festival

A film which movingly looks at an orphaned six-year-old's loneliness and confusion after her mother’s death. 

‘The emotional arc of Summer 1993 bends insistently from inarticulate sadness to gentle catharsis’- THE NEW YORK TIMES


THE INSULT | 93min, R18+, Documentary, Lebanon, English Subtitles

Winner Best Film 2018 Munich Film Festival Cinema Award for Peace

After an emotional exchange between a Lebanese Christian and a Palestinian refugee escalates, the men end up in a court case which gets national attention.

‘This film is smart and blunt as it goes about trying to prove how very personal politics can be’- COMMON SENSE MEDIA


MIDNIGHT OIL 1984 | 89min, M, Documentary, Australian, English Language

A vivid portrait of the era and the songs that embodied it, this documentary is an up close and personal look at the iconic Australian rock band. Thirty years in the making and featuring never seen before seen footage of the band on and off the stage.

‘This film captures a fascinating moment in history alongside a band that was on top of the world & trying to save it’ - THE GUARDIAN


ODDBALL | 98min, Family, Australia, English Language

Winner 2016 Seattle International Film Festival ‘Films4Families Youth’ Jury Award

An eccentric chicken farmer, with the help of his granddaughter, trains his mischievous dog Oddball to protect a penguin sanctuary from fox attacks in an attempt to reunite his family and save their seaside town.

‘The penguins are cute, but the big fluffy sheepdog steals the show in this delightful Aussie drama’ - THE IRISH TIMES


Luke Hura is renowned as one of Australia’s leading Animal Film Trainers. His incredible career began over 35 years ago and throughout his journey, has worked on some of Australia’s most well-known Films and Television Shows. 

Luke’s love for animals began at a very early age where he began to connect with them energetically and intuitively, with this ability allowing him to read and recognise their behaviours and thus he began to work with the animals on a more intimate level. This incredible gift steered him in the direction of training all types of animals for Film, Television and Live Stage Shows such as dogs, cats and birds just to name a few. 

Luke is very well respected in the industry and is an obvious choice for any Producer to have as part of the film team. Some of Lukes career highlights include – Red Dog & Oddball being the highest grossing Australian Dog Films, Paws, Ned Kelly, Rogue, Neighbours, Blue Heelers, Rove Live, The Flying Doctors, Dingo, A Country Practice, Thunderstone, Halifax f.p, Sea Change, The Saddle Club, Kath & Kim, Rush and McClouds Daughters.

At present he is working on the highly regarded stage production Wizard of Oz that is currently playing throughout Australia, where his responsibilities include training and preparing Toto on a daily basis for the live shows, where there are no retaking of scenes! This reinforces Luke’s reputation in the entertainment & film industry.

SUN 26 MAY 1230PM

HAPPY AS LAZARRO | 125min, M, Light Drama, Italy, English Subtitles

Winner 2018 Cannes Film Festival Best Screenplay

A pure-hearted young man named Lazzaro lives among sharecroppers on a farm in southern Italy. He is happy, despite being bossed around by everyone around him. And then his story takes quite a turn.

‘You succumb to its strangeness the way that a child is enveloped in a bedtime story, trusting the teller even when you don’t fully understand the tale or know where it’s going’ - VOX.COM


Extra Activites for the Weekend

Festival Dinner

Bookings Essential

Saturday 25 May 6pm-745pm

Enjoy a relaxed dinner on Saturday night between screenings. Two courses including a glass of wine on arrival.

Buninyong Heritage Walks

No Registration Required

The Geology of Buninyong

leaving from the Buninyong Town Hall

Saturday @ 1PM | 30 minutes

Significant Historical Buildings of Buninyong

leaving from the Buninyong Town Hall

Sunday @ 11AM | 30 minutes

Free Heritage Movie Screening

‘Mooramong - Private Hollywood’
64 mins | Free entry
SAT & SUN 10AM + 12PM + 2PM
Buninyong Town Hall Meeting Room

Free screenings of the heritage film ‘Mooramong - Private Hollywood’.
This documentary unveils the extraordinary life of a Hollywood silent film actress Claire Adams and her husband Donald ‘Scobie’ MacKinnon who chose country Victoria as their home in the 1930’s. Life on the land in their homestead ‘Mooramong’ in Skipton, Victoria, was captured on celluloid as she filmed their daily existence far away from the bright lights of stardom. Her private films have remained
silent until now!

Saturday Lunch Boxes

Bookings Essential

Enjoy a delicious lunch box delivered to the Town Hall - includes a fresh filled roll, 2 small pieces of slice, a piece of fruit and a mini savoury muffin (gf option available - slice of frittata).

Friday Night Supper

We are bringing back the retro supper!

Due to popular demand, we are bringing back the Friday night supper! The supper is served between the first session and second session on Friday night and is included in your admission ticket. Enjoy this year's supper with a retro twist of 70's popular canapés! A blast from the past!

Friday Night Cocktail

Enjoy a cocktail on us!

Included in your Friday night admission ticket (either session or both!) is a free cocktail (or non-alcoholic punch). Midori was launched at Studio 54 in 1978 and the night was all about the Japanese Gin & Tonic (Midori, Gin, tonic, lemon).
So enjoy a tipple on us!


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